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TOKYO THEATRE FOR CHILDREN has been bringing the magical world of musical theatre to kids, young and old, for over 40 years!

We are a non-profit, English-speaking, adult community theatre group and we are always looking for volunteers!!

  • Can you act, sing or dance?
  • How about doing makeup or sewing costumes?
  • Want to put on a headset and work backstage?
  • Are you computer savvy?  You could help us design tickets, flyers or programs
  • Are you good at publicity or marketing?
  • No experience? No problem! How about being a patron of the Arts. Production costs are extremely high

Please help us keep TOKYO THEATRE FOR CHILDREN alive and bringing the world of make-believe to life!

What’s better than making kids smile? Making them laugh!

Email us at or use the form below to find out on how you can get involved.   




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